The Icons

The Burning Eye—a one eyed magician, greedy and consuming, who is believed to be the last student of the former Archmage. Master of the Path of Flame and Water. Exemplar of magic for survival.

Grafter—ultimate physician and builder of prosthetics, who embraces the notion of mortal perfection achieved by replacement of that which is weak, in body or in society, by artificial or non-humanoid as needed. Exemplar of adaptability for survival.

Harbinger—the prophet of the Gods, who are in the main distant but who approach. Exemplar of faith and tradition for survival.

The Holder—owner of the Great Keep on the the moon of Gazalubov, promoter of strong holds, and master of armies. Exemplar of strength for survival.

Gatewalker—explorer and scout, master of wild places, encourages the breaking and changing of worlds. Master of the Path of Earth. Exemplar of nomadism for survival.

Lord of Horns and Teeth—half-man, partisan of the animalians, ruler of the wilds. Exemplar of embracing the best of the world in order to survive, be it the wings of a dragon or the teeth of a crocodile.

Mistress of Sleights—ancient trickster with endless minor magical tricks and gimmicks. Examplar of evasion, insignifigance and distraction for survival.

The Guildmaster—creator of towns and settlements, master of the Path of the Mind, exemplar of civilization as the path to survival.

Nightwings—a hunter of the weak, master of the Path of Air and Darkness, exemplar of domination of resources in order to survive.

Puppeteer—maker of mannikins, filling them with the souls of the willing. Many become her servants and slaves. Master of the Path of Essense. Exemplar of the artifice as a means to survival.

Shatterer, also called Breaker—Half-demonic woman who shatters worlds, damaging them and creating voids out of which her destruction spreads. She has no survival focus: it is her wish to die, and take all else with her. Failed student of the last Archmage; or, alternately, most successful student of an Archmage ever.

Tinsmith—creator of automatons, gives them intelligence and makes them live in societies she’s dreamt up. Exemplar of memory and recording as a substitute for survival; she does not anticipate Amur enduring, but believes something can be left behind for a distant future.

Young Queen—patron of all the world’s civilizations, breeder of human and animal lines, denies the worth of constructs and prosthetics, but not violently. In time will become (and has been) the Old Queen, who will practice violence to preserve her prerogatives. Exemplar of organization and unity as a means to survival.

The Icons

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