A coastal city looking out over Charm Bay, Jurai was for some ages the home of the Archmages and the greatest schools of wizardry. That time, however, is many centuries in the past, but curious remnants linger in the city. Jurai is a place where street lights glow (in decreasing quantity) in the night, where water flows up from noplace (in fewer spots every decade), where on some streets the refuse is picked up by invisible hands. There are windows that look out on alien vistas (though no one can pass in or out of these magically sealed panes) and rooms where it is possible to still hear the music of older times hung in the air. Vestiges of magic linger everywhere, and there are still those who say no wizard is great who has not spent a season in Jurai.

A season, but no more: the city is decayed from what it once was. The tall towers of the wizard schools are now home to rival gangs which stalk the streets, often equipped with dangerous and unpredictable magical artifacts, seeking to gain control of more and more of what remains of the magic. Their leaders, often failed magicians of some sort, claim to be the heirs of the Archmages of old. The influence of the The Burning Eye is everywhere in Jurai, and very few of the other Icons hold much sway here. The popluation of the city is steadily declining: folk either join up with or seek protection from one of the gangs, or they move, or they ask for the help of the Mistress of Sleights whose popularity is growing. The worship of the Gods is on the rise in Jurai as well.

Under the city are ancient catacombs where the wealthy and powerful were long buried. For many years there were troubles with undead and with tomb raiders, but these were suppressed by the wizards as they became problematic. With the city in decline the catacombs have been sealed up, and no one knows what is going on down there any longer.

The waters of the Bay were long enchanted to be placid and calm, and these enchantments linger still; certain powerful sea monsters have taken to feeding the Bay, though, consuming pleasure vessels and shipping trade because it is an easy and simple place. Ships of the sea avoid Jurai mostly now, and if it weren't for airships and the poorly maintained roads the place would be almost ignored.

Jurai is near the waist of Wanderer, and thus enjoys warm, wet summers and mild, dry winters. It it were not for the extreme decay of the city, it would be a pleasant place. Untroubled by the Breaker (possibly because it is too insignificant) it could be a delight, were it not for the foibles of the residents.

Many races are represented in Jurai, humans and halflings, tieflings and dragonborn being the most common. Each had once their own quarter: The Tall District, Short Quarter, The Flame, and Scales. Though these divides are not so solid, the quarters are still called by those names, and walls with gates split up the town (though the gates are generally not closed, unless some gang leader or other feels bold or frightened.) The Tall District is near the water in the south, Short Quarter in the west, Flame in the northwest and Scales in the northeast. 


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