Inside a hollow sphere that is the world, thirteen worldlets dance about one another, airships and dragons and griffons running routes between them, and even bold and brave Wingers when they grow close enough. Through thirteen ages, thirteen Icons have seen to the maintenance of the world and all that lies within it, but now a dark power has risen which in this Thirteenth Age seeks an end to all that lies within the globe of the world. Some say the Breaker is a legend of the last age, a mistaken impression given by a mad sorceress, or a parable of the gods. But something is destroying all that lives, cracking the worldlets, shaking down the structures and powers of the world. 

On the Wanderer, most cosmopolitan of the small worlds, home to pirates and scholars, a group of young people are coming of age in this perilous milieu. Will they adventure for money or magic, will they seek power in the crumbling structures of the world, or will they attempt to find and halt the machinations of the Breaker and her minions?

Path of the Wanderer

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